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    Does the WDP Programme effectively monitor some of delivery Partners ?

      I tend to answer a number of questions on the Certification programme, and indirectly I frequently come across students who have been through OU courses delivered through the WDP programme.

      Often such students seem not even to know they have been through the WDP programme!

      I am fairly sure this programme can often be taught well. But I can be reasonably sure it can be taught badly, and hearsay might have a worst case senario delivery franchises using inexperienced tutors reading from textbooks and pointing students at braindumps and/or gunning certification exams for the students.

      Such students may well find employment difficult, despite taking out inappropriate loans or borrowing inappropriate cash from family.


      Dare I say when I see people coming of this programme with exam passes in 1z0-047 - 1z0-147 - 1z0-146 - 1z0-0[45]2 - 1z0-0[45]3 ( or training thereof) then I have cause for concern. This just is IMHO too intensive a set of training for a newbie.


      Oracle has a code of business ethics, http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/investor-relations/cebc-176732.pdf , and on Page:31 indicates this should apply to partners. I have fears, possibly unfounded, that in the WDP programme area this is breached in respect of vunerable people.


      I wonder if the moderator will care to respond to this post?