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    Uninstall OBIEE 11g

      Hi There,

      I installed OBIEE 11g, then got tons of error, so I am thinking uninstall completely then re-install again.

      I use Deintall, this does uninstall all the BIE components, but weblogic service is still running, do I need to uninstall that too?

      Also I cannot delete Middleware directory, it said it is in use.

      Any tips on completely install this?

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          Hi User,
          I installed OBIEE 11g, then got tons of error[s],
          Yep, that pretty much has been my experience so far too.

          I thought the same thing, let's uninstall this bad boy. First thing I want to tell you is that I hope you installed OBIEE 11g to your root directory (i.e. C:\ ). If you buried the install deep in a folder structure, you may have issues deleting files.

          Here's roughly the steps that I took:

          1) Uninstall OBIEE. --Sounds like you completed this.
          2) Noticed weblogic components did not get uninstalled. Went to start menu, weblogic ->Uninstall. Uninstalled those components. -- You still need to do this.
          3) Tried to delete remaining files in OBIEE 11g folder for clean re-install. Got error message saying file was in use. Go to your Windows Services (you're on Windows right?) and kill any running Oracle OBIEE 11g services that weren't taken care of by the uninstall process.
          4) Delete the remaining files. If you did put your install too deep in a file structure, you'll have to get creative about how to remove the deepest files.

          Let me know if that helps.

          Best regards,

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            Thanks for quick response. also did you also drop the database before doing new installation?
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              Good question. You definitely don't need to drop the database itself. You can probably just drop the users or re-run the RCU and make new users.

              To be completely honest, I didn't do anything with the DB. I took the lazy approach and left it in what ever state it was. I was curious to see if it would error out when I re-ran the install. In hind-sight, I should really have dropped the user/tablespace created with the cascade option.

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                Thanks again Joe, the reason I know that something is wrong is that

                during configuration process screen, it is 90% done with success, now I got message:

                "nqsclustercontroller.exe has stopped working", so I choose Close the program, then it shows "Failed" at "Executing opmnctl start coreapplication_obiccs1.

                then I click continue, now I got "nqsserver.exe has stopped working", so "Failed" on Executing opmnctl start coreapplication_obis1", click Continue, I got:

                "Serice/daemon for SASSch has stopped working", Failed at obisch1

                Have you seen the above error? How can I fix this?

                Many thanks
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                  That sounds like deja vu.

                  Check out my earlier post here: OBIEE 11g Cluster Controller Failed to start

                  I plan on following the advice in that thread this weekend to see if I can get a clean install.

                  If you are impatient, and want to just get into Dashboards and Answers, give this a read: http://www.skurabigroup.com/blog/?p=719

                  They will show you a work around.

                  If you found these posts helpful, please award correct/helpful points :)

                  Best regards,

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                    Hello guys.,

                    i'm also facing similar type of issue..

                    During installation, the step Failed on *"Executing opmnctl start coreapplication_obi+ps+1"*

                    After i start up services, all the OPMN services shows up..

                    The issue is at the BI login screen... When i try to login with weblogic user(or any user), i get an error "Unable to Logging in"
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                      Are these errors by any chance are due to ORACLE_HOME variable?

                      Can someone let me know the value of ORACLE_HOME variable.

                      ORACLE_HOME variable has no value in my system.

                      Also, while creating schema using RCU, i've got the following warning.

                      The database you are connecting is with non-AL32UTF8 character set.
                      Oracle strongly recommends using AL32UTF8 as the database character set.

                      Anyone faced this warning?

                      Thank you,
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                        You need to uninstall first, and post uninstallation u need to do clean up from registry.
                        Once registry is cleaned up with all DSN's etc, you can start with a fresh install.
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                          Refer this Link



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                            I am trying to uninstall OBIEE 11g when I click setup.exe its giving below error

                            Could not create java virtual machine

                            any suggestions??
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                              This error means that your java have problem please install the same version of java some other drive on the server and copy that java newly installed files and past it your existing folder path then try to uninstall it again.

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                                Finally I uniistalled and re installed again but under instance->instace1 folder is renamed to instance2 and next time i installl it renamed to instance3...I thought it would be because of service OPMN with intance1 and next time i installed it srated OPMN instance2 service . I deleted the services from regisrty but it installed with instance3 subfolder and OPMN instace3 service name and older services are still existing even though I delete it from regisrty entriies....

                                any idea??
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                                  you may also need to delete these folders:

                                  C:\Program Files\Oracle
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                                    Hi Raghu,

                                    About the following error.

                                    "The database you are connecting is with non-AL32UTF8 character set.
                                    Oracle strongly recommends using AL32UTF8 as the database character set."

                                    Your supposed to select the option, "AL32UTF8 " at the time of installation of the data base Oracle 11g itself. That is the recommended configuration of the database.

                                    Thank you,