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    Request Delayed Response - Duplicated definition for: ‘EndpointReference’

      I am trying to make one composite call another via the request delayed response message exchange pattern.
      The composite is a providor ABCS.

      I have created a WSDL with
      - Two message types (one request one response)
      - Two Port types (again req and response)
      - Two partnerLinkType (one request and one response)

      The request message is going to be from one schema (It's an EBM)
      The response message is going to be from another (It's an ABM)

      I have imported both the schemas in the top of the WSDL document in the types tag:
           <schema xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">

      I have created the request composites and they work and run fine.
      I am now trying to execute the response messages.
      I think I have created an invalid schema because I am getting error messages in JDeveloper.
      The error comes up in a number of places, one of which is:
      In the transport which needs to call back the ABCS with a response
      Define a new schema,
      select element and press torch
      Goto Partner link types and select the partnet link for the response
      select it's wsdl
      goto Inline Schemas,

      It then displays the message Exception: Error occured reading inline schemas.

      I can click on show detailed node information and it gives more detail of the message.
      Basically it is a lot of messages like:
      Duplicated definition for: ‘EndpointReference’
      Duplicated definition for: ‘EndpointReferenceType’

      You can see this error https://code.metcarob.com/node/123

      This problem also occurs when I try and setup Coroleation Sets, and when I create test suites.

      I have traced the error to the face that I import two seperate xsd files into my wsdl,
      one for the ABM and one for the EBM.

      Both these files (via lots of imports) end up linking to the same file in order to provide common types,
      in this case it is WS-Addressing.xsd

      since this file is linked twice I have duplicate definitions.

      The problem is that both files need to link to this xsd because they need to reference types inside it.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction.