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    Oracle Reports Developer (Report Builder 10.1.2)

      I have installed oracle report developer 1.1.2 and using Report Builder
      1.     When report get develop by using “.rdf” file, I use to compile all the PL/SQL by using given compile tab as well as compile the whole report by using given option(shift+ctrl+k), and report compile successfully. Also I am able to execute the report.
      2.     After that generating 4 file “.bak”,”.prm”,”.rep”,”.xml” by using following software configuration.
      3.     After completion of above two process , by using “Ant script” compiling all the existing report and creating “.jar”
      When trying to deploy jar on server and executing developed report it shows following error.
      *[The Jar goes into every users machine and it is in Windows XP.*
      *The Rep file goes to the server and this is the information about the server*

              *1. Oracle Application Server - Oracle Enterprise manager 10g (*

              *2. Operating System - Windows Server 2004 SP2 ]*

      But In local machine its working fine.........


      Terminated with error: <br>REP-1247: There exist uncompiled program unit(s). REP-1247: Report contains uncompiled PL/SQL.

      Please let me know the cause for above Issue and How this issue can be resolved.

      Software environment on my machine:-
      1.     Windows 7
      2.     Oracle report developer 1.1.2 and using Report Builder
      3.     Java Version "1.5.0_01"
      4.     Apache Ant 1.6.5