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    Update the contingent Worker Number

      Dear Friends,

      I am currently working on updating contingent worker number, I use the following api to update the contingent worker number:

      (p_validate => FALSE
      ,p_effective_date => l_effect_date
      ,p_datetrack_update_mode => 'CORRECTION'
      ,p_person_id => l_person_id
      ,p_object_version_number => v_object_version_number
      ,p_employee_number => v_emp_number
      ,p_npw_number => 'CO8908X'
      ,p_effective_start_date => v_effective_start_date
      ,p_effective_end_date => v_effective_end_date
      ,p_full_name => v_full_name
      ,p_comment_id => v_comment_id
      ,p_name_combination_warning => v_name_combination_warning
      ,p_assign_payroll_warning => v_assign_payroll_warning
      ,p_orig_hire_warning => v_orig_hire_warning

      The error I am getting is:
      ORA-20001: You cannot update the Contingent Worker number when the number generation method is automatic.

      At the Business Group Level the contingent worker number generation method is Automatic and it is using some fast formula to generate this number like this XX89768, if i update this to XX78656 then it gives me the above error. There is a similar case and setup for Employee Number updation, employee number is successfully getting updated.

      please let me know am I using the correct API.

      thanks & Regards
      Aboothahir M