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How to get current row of Advanced table with no submit

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I have an advanced table with an 'Add another button'. When an empty row is created by clicking this button, LOV is used on the first column to populate other fields of the row. The rows of the table carry a button called "Add dependencies" whose functionality is to take the user to a different table to add rows to a different VO. This button is just a button and not a submitButton. I am passing the row's primary key as part of the URI as Vo attribute FdTaskId={@FdTaskId}

The button works perfectly fine for database fetched rows (rows already present in the database), but, for the rows created using 'Add Another button', though LOV populates all fields including the primary key, the URI parameter passes null to the next page. That means, the VO attribute is not set. This works fine only when a 'submit' happens in the first page. For example, if I click Add another row again, then the previously inserted row passes the primary key fine as part of {@FdTaskId}.

Could you please help me how I can resolve this issue?




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