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    Memory leak when browsing through records

      I have a problem with any page containing the component related to each other on three or more levels. (1st level ADF Table, 2nd level ADF Table and 3rd level ADF Form)
      By navigating through the records of the first level, there is refreshment at other levels (using partial triggers), but suddenly there is loss of memory (memory leak) for components of type Select One Choice.
      Precisely, the problem appears when browsing another Show Detail Item in the same page.

      Screenshot showing the Data Control in my page: [http://www.infotun.net/usersimages/1/adf/structure.jpg]
      Capture screen representing the initial state where all is well: [http://www.infotun.net/usersimages/1/adf/initial.jpg]
      Capture screen representing the final state after memory loss: [http://www.infotun.net/usersimages/1/adf/final.jpg]

      I'm using JDeveloper Studio
      JDK: 1.6.0_14
      Operating System: Windows 7.

      Any help/advice is highly appreciated !


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