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    Sun V240 Service Light Question


      I am not sure if the light is going to go off after I get the OS installed on my SunFire V240 or whether it is even an issue.

      The LED by the wrench has been lit every since i powered this box up for the first time. It did not have the OS installed and the ALOM is configured, but I am about to change the password for it after I get the OS installed and running.

      The question is: Will the light go out after she is up and running or is there any way to figure out why it is even on in the first place since the server "appears" to be functioning just fine?

      Advice is appreciated.
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          Service Light indicate that server have problem.
          To find source:
          At ALOM:
          At Solaris:
          prtdiag -v

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            what is the version of the ALOM software? we have experienced the service light being lit with no errors being reported within ALOM or the OS.
            the version, at the time was 1.5.4, we updated to 1.6.9 and the problem went away.
            this has happened more than once with V240s brought from the grey market
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              I am actually not sure of the version of ALOM, but I will double check it tonight when I get back home. However, it appears the service light was on only because the redundant power supply was not plugged in. Once I plugged in PS1, it went out.

              Thanks for the response.

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                If "prtdiag -v" does not report any failures, you may just need to reset the ALOM System Controller. Access the systems ALOM console and at the "sc>" prompt run "resetsc -y". This should take care of turning off the service/wrench light.
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                  You replied to a forum thread that is a year old.
                  Strike 1.

                  You replied with a suggestion to run an OS command, on their system that didn't have an OS installed yet.
                  Strike 2.

                  The original poster (O.P.) already posted the actual cause of the issue (a missing redundant PSU) and has marked the thread as "Answered". Thus your suggestions were wrong and could be misleading to anyone speed-reading the thread.
                  Strike 3.

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