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    Oracle Apps 11i - Workflow #WFM_CC attribute

    Allen Sandiego

      I read in Using #WFM_CC attribute and Multiple Attachments and Multiple Recipients with CC that Oracle Workflow allows CC and BCC. I have had our DBA check the version of our instance and it seems we already have the version Oracle Applications Technology 11i.ATG_PF.H.delta.5 (RUP 5) applied.

      However, I'm still having problems using CC feature. I added Message Attribute with Internal Name #WFM_CC Type = Text and Source = Send. Also placed 240 for length. For testing purposes I set Default Type to Constant and hard-coded my email address to the Value field. When I run the workflow and check the workflow activities and go to the activity and click the Notification detail page icon to check the message, it doesn't show the Cc field. Only the From, To, Sent and Id are available. Does it show here if there is a Cc value? Currently we have our Notification Mailer off since this is only a development instance so this is the only way I can test it.

      Appreciate any help.