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    Logging WORKFLOW State in case of Webservice Exception

      Hi All,

      I am invoking different webservices from a workflow .I have generated stubs using wsimport.bat
      I am keeping the required jax-ws stubs in my context
      1) Is there any way I will get the current outbound and inbound SOAP message without using SOAPHandler.(I am using JAX-WS)
      2) I need to log the current SOAP req , res,fault (if present) if any exception happens during Workflow execution.
      3) What will be the best approach?log the SOAP message or request object ?
      4) If I go with second option (log request object) ,Then need to override the toString to get the Object STATE.Is it a good approach if I generate tostring using 'this' and reflection and provide this implemantation in base class of all objects used during Webservice invocation ?
      5) Is there any better way to do this?

      Thanks in Advance,