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    Anyone experienced in using Lightswitch to connect to an Oracle Database -

      I am pretty new to Lightswitch. Looks like I have everything I need to rapidly develop my
      CRUD applications, directly into our oracle database. Great !

      However once I switched my database logon ID’s from my DEV environment to my UAT
      environment the Oracle database is locked down. In order for me to have
      write/update permissions on these tables I have to either run a stored
      procedure to set permissions or execute the Oracle command “Set Role”.

      I have seen Lightswitch documentation that I can use a RIA service to execute a stored procedure....and
      I can go down this route but I am not too sure if the permissions would still
      be held under the rest of my lightswitch session ? Or is there anyway I can set
      an oracle role through lightswitch.

      I am sure this is a fundamental issue for many out there using LightSwitch to update
      Oracle tables, and I am just wondering what people are doing to get over
      permissions issues.