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    Dataguard log switch question

      Wonder if anyone can help me with a question?

      I am new to data guard and only recently setup my first implementation of a primary and standby Oracle 11 g database.

      It's all setup correctly, i.e no gaps sequences showing, no errors in the alert logs and I have successfully tested a switch over and switch back.

      I wanted to re-test the archive logs were going across to the standby database ok, unfortunately I performed an alter system switch logfile on the standby database instead of primary.

      No errors are reported anywhere, no archive log sequence gaps or errors in the alert logs, but I am wondering if this will cause a problem the next time I have to failover to the standby database?

      Apologies for my lack of my knowledge I am new data guard and only been a DBA for a couple of years, have not had time to read up on the 500 page Data Guard book yet.

      Thanks in Advance
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          I don't believe you will have any issue since the Standby is not writing any new archive. Notice the dates on the Redo logs ( not the standby redo logs ) never change.

          You can test this by running this from the Primary :
          select switchover_status from v$database;
          You may have an entry in the Standby alert log which confirms this.

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            First you have to know what happens when log switch occurs either manually or internally.
            All data & changes will be in online redo log files, once log switch occurred either automatic or forcefully, these information from online redo log files will be dumped to archives.

            Now tell me. Where will be the online redo? There is no concept of online redo data on standby, in case of real time apply you will have only standby redo log files, even you cannot switch standby redo log files.

            First this command on standby won't work, it's applicable only for online redo log files. So onions redo exists/active only in primary.

            So nothing to worry on it. Make sure environment is sync prior to performing switchover.
            Hope this helps.

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