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    How to Trigger Dynamic Action From Button

      Hi all pros

      I have a button , which is optional if user wants to do so.
      "write a note/comment" button
      when that button is click ,it should show text area on another region or same region

      But the button need to have some value ,
      I am setting it to null and , in dynamic action , when button clicked , on condition button value null then display region

      BUt not working any idea , what i am doing wrong , what should i do (other work around )?

      thanks in advance
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          Why don't you use a check box instead of a button, have a look @ the following demo page,


          user name : test
          passwrd : test
          1) Create a list of values under shared components
              It should have a single entry, for the display value leave a space, return value is 1.
          2) now add a checkbox to your page and select the LOV as the list of values you created.
              display extra values property should be set to No for the check box.
          3) now add a standard dynamic action to your check box 
              condition should be "equal to" - 1
              True action should be "show"
              selection type should be "item" and select the text area.
          thats all. now text area will be hidden when you untick the check box and will be displayed when you tick the check box.

          hope this helps,
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            I suggest you to create a dynamic action for hide the Item when page load.
            Then, another dynamic action for show the item when click on button.

            Look this example:

            Workspace WSAPEXMR2011
            User: test001
            Password: test001

            Application: 53763. Test 001
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              thanks , help and worked for me .
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                Thanks so much for this information. I am trying to do the samet thing. I still have a question though.
                When I create the button that triggers the dynamic action, what do I put for the Button Request. I entered "Always Null", but it is still trying to submit the page. When I click it, the page items that I want to appear do so for only a second and then I get an error that tells me it couldn't submit because I have page items that are null.

                Thanks in advance!