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    Discoverer - IDL:DCCORBAException:1.0


      I am using discoverer 10g version (, When we are running queries using plus / desktop we are getting IDL:DCCORBAException:1.0 exception.

      We have page items on the report, initially data loads properly if once i select any of the page item i am getting this error

      Please help me

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          Michael Armstrong-Smith
          Hi Mangamuri
          Could be that Discoverer does not know which items to group within a Page Item. I've seen situation when All is selected that ths data is returned but when a single Page Item is selected an error is thrown. This is because the same item would logically be associated with 2 different page items, not very common I know but this was my cause.

          To fix it I had to insert additional logic into my conditions to only pull items that would group into single page items. This is very hard to explain or reproduce but just a hint as to what the cause was in my situation.

          Best wishes