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    Lightweight Java client


      What's the most lightweight method of connecting to a Tuxedo message bus from Java to both post messages and process responses?

      From what I've read, there is a Java language binding for the ATMI interface? Only examples I can find are for C++ and COBOL....

      I've also read a bit about connecting via JOLT and SALT although that seems to introduce a dependency on having a Weblogic app server marshalling the traffic between the client and Tuxedo?

      I'm after something as lightweight as possible - preferably just a collection of JARs I can call into on my JVM which will then converse directly with the Tuxedo server.

      My objective is to create a client that we can use for automated acceptance testing - i.e. create and submit test input messages containing payloads geared to exercise certain branches of business logic in our Tuxedo instance and process the response to compare actual response payload with expected.

      Where's the best source of information for what I am after?

      Many thanks