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    JZ0C0: Connection is already closed.sybase

      Hi All,
      I am using Toplink 10g Release 3 ( (Build 060118) and Weblogic server 10.3 & Sybase for my total Project.I create the server and client sessions with the database through toplink and when i try to click on a particular tab on one of my web pages i get the following error as follows:-

      Exception [TOPLINK-4002] (Oracle TopLink - 10g Release 3 ( (Build 060118)): oracle.toplink.exceptions.DatabaseException
      Internal Exception: java.sql.SQLException: JZ006: Caught IOException: com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybConnectionDeadException: JZ0C0: Connection is already closed.Error Code: 0
      Call:EXECUTE P_GetKemp @BusinessPlanId = 58, @UserId = 5778043
      at oracle.toplink.exceptions.DatabaseException.sqlException(DatabaseException.java:290)
           at oracle.toplink.internal.databaseaccess.DatabaseAccessor.basicExecuteCall(DatabaseAccessor.java:570)
           at oracle.toplink.internal.databaseaccess.DatabaseAccessor.executeCall(DatabaseAccessor.java:442)
           at oracle.toplink.threetier.ServerSession.executeCall(ServerSession.java:453)
           at oracle.toplink.internal.queryframework.DatasourceCallQueryMechanism.executeCall(DatasourceCallQueryMechanism.java:117)
           at oracle.toplink.internal.queryframework.DatasourceCallQueryMechanism.executeCall(DatasourceCallQueryMechanism.java:103)
           at oracle.toplink.internal.queryframework.DatasourceCallQueryMechanism.executeSelectCall(DatasourceCallQueryMechanism.java:174)
           at oracle.toplink.internal.queryframework.DatasourceCallQueryMechanism.executeSelect(DatasourceCallQueryMechanism.java:156)
           at oracle.toplink.queryframework.DataReadQuery.executeNonCursor(DataReadQuery.java:118)
      I am getting this error on clicking on a particular tab...and if i click on any other part of the complete application all works fine.Then how come the sessions have been terminated when i try to access only a part of the tab and all others working fine and all must be using the same connection pool for the application.
      I am using Jconn3.
      Kindly fetch me a solution to this problem as it has led to a blocker for my entire application smooth process.Thanks in advance.