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    Cannot access avauditor home page

      OS: SLES 11 SP1
      Audit Vault: 10.3.0
      user: avadmin, role: administrator
      user avauditor, role: auditor

      Here is my problem.
      I have installed oracle audit vault server and i can access the administration console via web as avadmin and avauditor without problems. When I stop & start the agent (avctl stop_av, avctl start_av) everything works fine, if I stop & start the enterprise manager console, everything works fine, if I stop & start the database everything works fine. But when I restart the operating system, the avadmin user keeps accessing the administration console but not the avauditor user.

      I did:
      exec dbms_xdb.sethttpport(5707); -- as the guide says
      alter system register;

      and the listener is listening through the port 5707 but still the avauditor page doesn't load, it rise and unable to connect error.

      I cannot determine the cause of this problem.
      Thanks in advance.