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    What is the process of changing name of IT Resource Type without breaking..

      I need to change the name of an IT Resource Type and at the same time include additional fields. I also have existing IT Resources that are provisioned that are of the old name. What I thought I could do was to use the Design Console, bring up the IT Resource Type and simply rename it. I did that. Once I did the rename I checked my existing process form and the IT Resource Field Lookup now shows the new IT Resource Type name. Ok, so everything looks good.

      I now need to deploy this to other OIM systems. So, I exported out my IT Resource Type definition to one XML export file, and my Resource Object, Process Definition and PRocess Form and child forms to another XML export file.

      Before I imported the XML files into the other OIM system, I first ran the Design Console and renamed by IT Resource Type to the new name. Then I imported the XML containing the IT Resource Type definition and this worked. My IT Resource Type now has additional fields.

      However, when I tried to import the XML containing the Resource Object, Process Definition and Process forms, I get a dependency error that says it can't resolve the dependency on the old IT Resource Type name. Where did this come from? I checked the XML source, and sure enough it references the old IT Resource Type by name, but I can't figure out why it has that in there. But in any case, I manually edited the XML file and changed those references to the old IT Resource Type to the new name and tried to re-iimport that XML again. I still get the same dependency error.

      Now I am really confused since my XML import is not referencing the old IT Resource type name any more, so where is this dependency coming from?
      Does anyone have any ideas on this one?
      -Dave Herrmann