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    ODBC Vs Net Manager connections

      Please can anyone help me?

      I am using Oracle 11 release 2 and I installed Instant Client (using OUI) on a machine.

      I also installed Net Manager on the Client and created a service name in order to connect to a server. When I press the test buton, the connection appears to work OK as a successful message is returned.

      However, when I create an ODBC DSN using the 'instant client' driver and press the Test Connection button, I get an ORA-12170 TNS: Connect timeout occurred message.

      I can do a tnsping and that retirns ok.

      What can be causing odbc not to connect and net manager and tns ping to do?

      My Service Name and the 'Service Naming' name are the same (i.e. orcl11).

      Is there an odbc setting somewhere that I need to tweak?

      I have the firewall turned off on both client and server.

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