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    Replacing Oracle Interconnect

      Hi All

           First a bit of background ...

           We have had a successful integration of our E-Business 11.5.10 system to an external system using Oracle Interconnect and a soap adaptor.

           Oracle E-Business <-> Oracle Interconnect <-> Soap Adaptor <-> External System.

           We have now upgraded to E-Business R12.1.3 and have decided to move away from Oracle Interconnect as it is no longer supported.

           Looking through the available documentation it would appear that SOA/BPEL is the all singing, all dancing solution to system integrations, but rather than start at the top, if possible I would like to make the minimum amount of changes.

           So my questions are ......

           1) Is it possible just to replace Oracle Interconnect with Oracle Service Bus

           Oracle E-Business <-> Oracle Service Bus <-> Soap Adaptor <-> External System.

           2) Do we need Oracle Service Bus or can we just use SOA Integration Options for Oracle E-Business Suite

           SOA Integration Options for Oracle E-Business Suite <-> Soap Adaptor <-> External System.

           We have some funding available for training but I want to make sure that which ever course we chose SOA/BPEL/Oracle Service Bus will contain the concepts we require to do the interface.

           So any advice(links to documentation) would be gratefully received.