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    Clust Build - Detail

      Hello All,

      I've got another question regarding Clustering in Oracle SQL Developer, hopefully this is easy enough if anyone can help?

      When I apply clustering to a data set and run, I can see the K-means and Ortho results and in there I can see the 'Tree', 'Detail', 'Compare' and 'Settings' tabs.

      In the 'Detail' tab I can see the means and variances etc for each leaf.

      Is there a way of exporting the summary results to excel in a table format? With the means and variances etc? When I 'apply' on the data it just gives me the cluster number and prob.


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          Mark Kelly-Oracle
          Hi Alan,
          Most grids allow you to perform ctl-a and ctl-c to copy the grid contents to the clipboard.
          You can then past it into excel ctl-v.
          In addition, you can connect the Cluster Model Build node to a "Model Details".
          When you edit the Model Details node you will see a number of option options.
          Choose the one that has the details you are interested in.
          Then connect the Model Details node to a Create Table node.
          Once you either create a table or view, you can then use the SQl Developer Export feature.
          This is accessible off of the SQL Developer Navigator (table or views).
          There is a excel output option as well as csv option.
          Thanks, Mark