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    JRE 6 Update 31 upgrade issue

      My company uses a database application which is dependent on Java to run Stored Procedures and like from the Database Server. However, when our customers install Java 6 Update 31, the RT.jar file is removed after the restart at the end. When I test all other Java installers they create an RTA#####.pack file, which when restarted, will then become the new RT.jar. Update 31 does not seem to do this. I have taken a video to show this particular problem in its fullest. The starting scenario is Windows 7 32bit with Java 6 Update 26. Our software is installed and working with no issues. (Our Support dept says this is only happening for Windows 7 clients, but this is unconfirmed yet)


      In order to correct this we either have to:
      1. At the time of Install, copy the updated RT.jar and restore it after reboot.
      2. Uninstall and Reinstall java.
      3. Stop our Database Service, perform the update, Start our Database service.

      *This only happens when our database service (cTree Ace Server) is running at the time of installation.  This only happens with Update 31.  All prior Java updates install without error or interruption of Database Service.

      Is there an open known ticket for this?

      I found the following article which describes this issue perfectly, but it shows resolved since Update 10.

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          I am experiencing the same issue with all versions of the Java updater. Well, actually I only tested the updaters after .25. But the issue exists with them as well. Run the Java updater which says a reboot is required. After the reboot some of the Java files are missing and Java does not work. Have to uninstall Java and reinstall.

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            What I find odd is that I've never had to reboot my machine to complete a Java installation. Perhaps that is because I always install the runtime through the JDK installation and not through java.com?