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    XML Data is getting Truncated

      I have a large report that is set up in the concurrent manager of the EBS to have the output as XML so that I can open the file in an Excel template I developed. I have checked the output file and the XML file is complete but when I click on View Output in Oracle the browser opens and the XML data is truncated. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is there a limit on how big the file can be to view it? Thanks
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          .... continuation based on Large Report in XML Format issue

          if you use excel as template so limitations of excel must be considered
          sheet - 65536 rows

          so check follow
          - view output -> save result (not open yet) -> open from os -> if any errors then see log (will be indicated) -> plz post it
          - if your xml is small then do you have any errors then opening?
          - "View Output in Oracle the browser opens and the XML data is truncated." - why browser is worked? it's must offer actions: save or open
          so check output of concurrent then you run it. it's may be html if yes then your xsl output (from excel template) is shown by browser -> post some details
          - result can be truncated because of haven't any data -> in browser -> show html code -> post some details
          for example Re: how to register the .DTD file in Oracle Apps

          For Apps or EBS reports related issues is better to post your questions in the following APPS/EBS forum