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    RMAN - Migration from VxFS to ASM

      Dear all.

      I'd like to know if anyone has encountered a situation I'm facing right now. We've got some 11g database instances running under VxFs technology and we've bought new servers and storages that will be the new database repositories for those instances. We've been drawing a migration plan with no downtime.

      I know it's possible to migrate from VxFS to ASM using RMAN cloning an existing database from a backup copy an then opening the database and applying archives, this since from 10g.

      The reason I'm posting this thread is to know if it's possible to use this resource using FROM ACTIVE DATABASE feature offered in 11g release ???

      The OS will be the same, just the storage system will change, instead of VxFS we'll user ASM.

      Thanks in advance

      Bruno Palma