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    Windows XP requires activation on clones

      I'm still new to this VDI thing (version 3.4), learning a lot in a short time...however.

      How does one get around the Windows XP requires activation for each cloned machine?

      It complains that the hardware has changed enough to cause the re-activation to be required.

      My process was:

      Created a new machine in Vbox using install disk
      Create machine to our domain
      Register the machine
      Remove machine from our domain
      Increased memory from 192mb to 2048mb

      In VDI
      Imported vbox machine as a template
      Started template machine
      Connected to console
      Created machine in our domain - only way to get out to internet
      Tried to activate windows - it said it was already activated...as I suspected
      Removed from domain
      Assigned template to pool
      Assigned pool for cloning, selected version 1 (as it creates a version as soon as it imports the template)
      Enabled cloning

      Cloned 1 machine
      Login on console
      Complains about not being activated...stuck here


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