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    SqlDeveloper View/Files menuItem freezes the View window

      I have installed SQLDeveloper ver 3.1.07 on a Win7 64-bit OS. But I cannot get the View/Files window to work. As soon as I try to drill down a folder it hangs ny showing a child node saying "loading...". This also screws up my Connections window so that I no longer can view or open Connections. (if I try to open the root node for a Connection I get the same child node saying "loading..." with nothing more happening). It seems like the View window gets corrupt or crashes every time I try to view Files.
      I have tried with installing and referencing (in the sqldeveloper.conf file SetJavHome) both JDK1.6 (build 11 and 32) and JDK1.7 (build 3) but nothing helps. Has anyone encountered this? It works fine on my old 32 bit machine (sqlDev 3.0.04 and JDK 1.6.11)