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    Configuration Option server-login

      We have set the configuration parameter to server-login disabled. We took this to mean that no user would be able to login to SGD, in order to prepare for a maintenance activity, while not disrupting users that are currently logged in. It appears that this setting totally disables SGD, ie application launch is also disabled, as verified by user reports of webtop error FaultString Server Disabled.

      Is another configuration option needed or is there a different way to suspend user login with out affecting current webtop sessions ?

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          According to the Admin Guide:
          User Login
          Usage: Select or deselect the check box.

          Whether to allow users to log in to this SGD server.

          To “decommission” an SGD server, deselect the check box. No users can log in and no new application sessions can start. Users currently logged in to this server, or with application sessions hosted on this server, are not affected. Users can log in to another SGD server in the array and resume application sessions hosted on this server.

          Users are redirected to the web page defined by the Redirection URL attribute. Typically, you set this to another SGD server in the array.

          Did you specify a redirect URL?
          Are you serving your application from this particular SGD server as well?
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            yes , we do redirect to another server.

            But the label is misleading as we do not want the server decommissioned rather not allow user login, which unfortunely incluses administrators. you posted

            Whether to allow users to log in to this SGD server.

            where does it tell us that the server will be decommissioned ?

            This variable most certainly affects a user already logged into the server as a user may attempt another application launch which will be denied.