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    solution drop table by mistake

      oracle 9i release 1
      the question is how can i get the exact time when the table is dropped?

      solution for dropping a important table with flashback off
      1.notify all the user to log off;
      2.shutdown immediate;
      3.startup restricted;
      4.execute alter system switch logfile serveral times,
      make sure all the online redo log files archived to the destination you specified by some parameters eg. log_archive_dest_n.
      5.copy a full backup plus all the archived log to an other server installed oracle system.
      6.ultilize this oralce instance startup the database just moved
      7.start incomplete recovery steps using archived logs
      8.recover to the dropped time
      9.create a db link in the orginal database connecting to this server`s database
      10.recreate the orginal dropped table and insert back from the target database

      i figure out the above solution,but i don`t know if it will work effect.
      even it works,how can i get the exact time when the table is dropped?

      if a appication in coding doestn`t require 'drop table' previllege ,i will revoke it .
      may i get better solutions ?

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