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deployJava launch embeddedJnlp

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We're using a eLearning service called Elluminate. They give us JNLP in which we enter our students usernames.

Problem is that KIDS are playing with the JNLP files in notepad...

I know that Java is planning to give a way to launch JNLP from Base64 embedded content (see here:, but in the meantime, do you have any idea how could we encrypt it?

Maybe a JNLP launched from our browser, that will have as a parameter the Base64 content, and the JNLP will decrypt it and open the REAL jnlp?

We're really lost.

Please advise, and excuse my bad english...

Thank you!
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    Note that the CR is already closed and the support for embedded JNLP is already in JRE 7.
    Yes, the whole JNLP content (base-64 encoded) could be embedded in HTML applet tag as applet param "jnlp_embedded".
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    Thank you,

    But as far as I see the deployJava function from [|] could not use jnlp_embedded. Meaning, you could use jnlp_embedded only if you use it as an applet, but we use it as JNLP that launches Java Machine externally.

    Also, from what I see the CR is not closed, but more as a "request for enhancement" that has been approved. Otherwise, you have an idea how to launch external JNLP from jnlp_embedded content?

    I think that the best idea would be to open a JNLP with the content of the REAL jnlp as jnlp_embedded in a parameter. This jar would decrypt the jnlp_embedded and launch the real JNLP.

    My purpose is simply not to give people a way to modify JNLP, which make use crazy since people keep on changing the parameters in notepad....

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    OK, I've found a way, I'm using the dtJava ( and they have this option in .launch.

    Thank you!


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