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    when will oracle public cloud be available ????

      I have filled the registration at https://cloud.oracle.com/mycloud/f?p=service:home:0
      then I was going to hear from them by mail
      that was yesterday, is https://cloud.oracle.com/mycloud/f?p=service:home:0 available now ?
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          I have done my registration in feb 2012 and I still have not received any account details
          Please can some one let me know how will I know status of my account
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            Hi guys

            Any more news on this? I registered on Friday and have also not heard anything.


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              well i found this in the "Resources FAQ, Architecture, and Videos" section in the cloud site:
              "*How can I start using Oracle Cloud?*
              The Oracle Fusion CRM Cloud Service and Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service are currently available. P*lease engage your Oracle sales representative for more information and service access.*

              *Oracle Database and Oracle Java Cloud Service*, and Oracle Social Network are now available under *"preview availability"*. For details on how to subscribe, please follow the instructions on cloud.oracle.com or contact your Oracle sales representative.

              What does "preview availability" of Oracle Cloud mean?
              Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Social Network are currently in "preview availability" phase globally. During this phase, customers can register for access to these services on cloud.oracle.com. *Oracle will activate these services over time* and will notify the registrants accordingly.
              So I think this answer the questions and live them open in the same time :)

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