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    Cluster Bluid

      Hello All,

      I have a couple of questionings regarding cluster build.

      1) Is it possible to have a min set amount per leaf/cluster? (As in I don't want to create a cluster with just 1 person it doesn't really tell me anything)

      2) Is it possible to select K-means by the median rather than the centroid?

      3) Is it possible to view the probability formula for the k-means and O-Cluster?


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          Could you please explain what version of the Oracle database you wish to install and how your question relates to Oracle Clusterware ... as in building a RAC cluster?

          Thank you.

          My suspicion is that you posted in the wrong group based on a misunderstanding of the multitude of ways in which Oracle reuses the keyword "cluster."
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            You are probably right, can you recommend where I should have posted?