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    How many license to buy and for whom?

      Sorry for asking a non technical question here. I am waiting for a response from 'berkeleydb-info_us@oracle.com' & 'oraclesales_us@oracle.com'.

      I am evaluating Berkeley DB HA and I find it ideal for our requirements.
      I need some information on the pricing and Licensing:

      1) Is the license based on the number of developers or number of deployments?
      Say, the product has 2 developers and sold to 30 customers.
      Should I purchase license for the developers = 2 license,
      Or Should I purchase license for the customers = 30 license,
      Or can I get a one time license with which I have unlimited use.

      2) The license fee is quoted as US$9,800.00/Processor. For a dual quad core processor, what is the number of licenses to be bought - 1 / 2 / 8?