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      • 15. Re: Interactive Report: how can I display carriage returns?
        I used your template and saw the new behaviour in IE and FireFox. In fact I could read my comments correctly in IE, but in FireFox the layout was 'broken' and this could be more impacting than my problem on CarriageReturn.

        I would like to keep the theme I chose because it is the closer I found to what users need (maybe because I'm not a programmer and my APEX/java/hrml knowledge is quite basic and self-made).

        I think I will ask my users to adopt FireFox or Safari instead of IE. It shouldn't be a big problem, since many of them, me enclosed, already use more than one browser. I will continue my development using the indication you gave me yesterday, very helpful.

        Thank you again for your support.
        Best Regards,
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