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    Genetate DAO fro Entity

      Hi All , I am using Eclipse indigo my requirement is to generate DAO from the entities to expose as a web-service can u pls help me how approach to that?

      Is it possible with the eclipse ..

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          you would create a session bean and then annotate the bean as a Web Service according to JSR-181 annotations. Maybe I am not getting what the problem is.

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            Greg Stachnick-Oracle
            Which technologies are you using for your DAO?

            If you are using straight Java EE - JPA Entities + Session Bean Facade, then you can certainly follow Frank's suggestion above. OEPE can help you create your JPA Entities and create a Stateless Session Bean which includes the basic CRUD operations (Session Bean from JPA Entities is the wizard name).

            If you are using Spring, OEPE has some code generation features to create a Spring Bean from your JPA Entities which includes basic CRUD. We also have some code generation tools to create a JAX-WS service from a spring bean (New > Oracle > WebLogic > Web Service from Spring Bean).

            So depending on your technology stack, we should have some features to at least get you started.