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    admincm.cmd cant open on PCM and schedule tab drop down disabled

      I installed PCM 13 successfully and did not received any error, MSServer 2008 was installed including all database. Im running also the PCM without any problem in internet explorer, admin and user logon. PCM is working fine except on connection from PCM-P6. I did configured the P6 and its fine. but on PCM, when i right click on the project title for project settings, the schedule tab is disbaled on schedule where supposed to have a drop down list. I check all the forums and it says that it can be configured using the adminmc.cmd that can be seen at the contract management installation folder. but even the admincm.cmd cant open. it just open a dos window but close for about 1 second. I tried to capture the image for you to see it


      can anyone help me?

      thanks in advance