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    Best Practice for Organizing Enterprise Models

      We need to migrate our Oracle Designer models (almost 10 years in the works) into OSDM to stay with current design tools. We do not have the option of staying with Designer.

      I need to know of any best practices or other documents that describe a way to organize an enterprise model in OSDM. I am coming from years of working with Designer and want to translate the multiple Application Folders in Designer into a similar organization in OSDM. We have 3 COTS packages with 1000's of tables each and many custom applications that use tables from multiple schemes and databases. Our developers like to see all the tables for a single custom application in its own diagram no matter where they come from and the DBA's don't want to wade through several thousand tables to find the handful we need nor have to duplicate table definitions in multiple models. In Designer we have been doing that with Application Folders.

      Another area of interest is in the deployment of database objects to multiple databases where the privileges vary from development to production. In the old Designer world this is done via implementations in the DB Admin tab. Can this be done in OSDM?