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        Beehive Central is a place where users can maintain their personal settings.

        You need to configure a client to test XMPP with beehive. We were successful to run Miranda and Pidgin.

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        • 16. Re: Beehive post-Installation problem
          I try with Oracle Messenger and no luck. Also with Pidgin and Miranda, this last one I have no idea how to configure it.

          But once I test this and work (if I can do it) how can I integrate it with Portal Spaces? Do you know any documentation/demo about it? There is almost nothing about this in internet.

          Thanks again
          • 17. Re: Beehive post-Installation problem
            I'm trying with Pidgin, since as i read that with Oracle Messenger you can't connect to Beehive 2.x, but I can't connect. I get a "Server close the connection" and in the debug window of Pidgin i get:

            (17:27:59) jabber: Sending (ssl) (sergio.m@sergio.signum.com.tr/Signum): <response xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl'>dXNlcm5hbWU9InNlcmdpby5tYXJnYWxlIixyZWFsbT0iQXV0aG9yaXplZF9Vc2VycyIsbm9uY2U9IjhhMWM0M2UwMmEyNzc5MTc1NTMxYTcxYWQ3ZjMxYTk1Iixjbm9uY2U9Ik9TMEhUV1JtUWlad1hYcDJSUkk3SG00YVkydC9mMDR5SWlackF6QUxWZ2M9IixuYz0wMDAwMDAwMSxxb3A9YXV0aCxkaWdlc3QtdXJpPSJ4bXBwL3Nlcmdpby5zaWdudW0uY29tLnRyIixyZXNwb25zZT0zMzQzZGU4NDEwYTBjYWMxNWRiYWE1Y2RmOTY4OGQwZSxjaGFyc2V0PXV0Zi04</response>
            (17:27:59) jabber: Recv (ssl)(77): <failure xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl'><not-authorized/></failure>
            (17:27:59) sasl: Mechs found: PLAIN CRAM-MD5
            (17:27:59) jabber: Sending (ssl) (sergio.m@sergio.signum.com.tr/Signum): <auth xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl' mechanism='PLAIN' xmlns:ga='http://www.google.com/talk/protocol/auth' ga:client-uses-full-bind-result='true'>password removed</auth>
            (17:27:59) jabber: Recv (ssl)(16): </stream:stream>
            (17:28:00) connection: Connection error on 04CF0798 (reason: 0 description: Server closed the connection)
            (17:28:00) account: Disconnecting account sergio.m@sergio.signum.com.tr/Signum (02159C98)
            (17:28:00) connection: Disconnecting connection 04CF0798
            (17:28:00) jabber: Sending (ssl) (sergio.m@sergio.signum.com.tr/Signum): </stream:stream>
            (17:28:00) connection: Destroying connection 04CF0798

            If I try to connect to the secure port it tries to connect but it keeps trying without any msg. I checked by netstat the ports and it says the connection is established but I can't do anything ...
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              Pidgin is working finally, it seems the problem was the host name and domain name was the same. Also because of typo user email and id was different as should be.

              Thanks a lot Thomas for your help!
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