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    Navigating between task flow pages within the same screen

      Hello there,

      if I have (within a Panel Splitter) a List View with list items idependent from each other (i.e. list not created from a data control) and from each list view element, a distinct control flow case to a view in the bounded task flow:

      - is it possible to just display the flow case destination views in the right side of a Panel Splitter after clicking the List Item in the left side? That is, without opening a new screen to display the view?
      - if not, another possibility would be to include the left-side "navigational" List View in each of the distinct flow case destination views. Is there a possibility to create a view template page (like in standard ADF)?

      The ComponentDemo application features something similar: there is a List View of distinct component names, and upon clicking, the task flow navigates to the corresponding view (in a new screen) that demonstrates the component. I wish to realize this, but have List View and corresponding content (destination) pages on the same screen, arranged in a Panel Splitter.