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        Hello Sarah,
        thats just like hi and hello, do not take it in other ways.
        I would take "As-Salamu Alaykum" as a hello. Yet the extended versions of this greeting have a strong connection to islamic religion. I would not mind if someone uses this to greet me in private, but I would not use it in a technical forum, just as I would not use some greetings I use in private.

        Of course this is a very individual opinion. Yet this is not the appropriate forum. If someone wants to discuss this we should change to {forum:id=29}

        • 16. Re: Help with code
          we alikom al salam wa rahmat allah
          i cant see a number of sequence
          same problem

          r u have another tips :)
          thank's Amatu Allah
          • 17. Re: Help with code
            im using when-new-item-instance
            it's working fine
            thank's all
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              Amatu Allah Neveen Ebrahim
              El-Salamu Alikum We Rahmatu Allah We barakatu... ya Ahmed
              i need to see a sequence number before click on save button
              sorry if i miss-understand i guess u want to create it before saving...
              r u have another tips
              u can also use PRE-TEXT-ITEM Trigger THE SEQUENCE will display before the item or POST-TEXT-ITEM Trigger will display after the item but in ur case when-new-item-instance is just the one :)


              Amatu Allah
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