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    Creating a storage repository

      I'm having an issue creating a storage repository in VM manager 3.0.1. I have 2 blades connected via fiber channel to SAN storage. When discovering the server, the storage gets detected automatically as an "unmanaged fiber channel array". I am however able to see the LUNs presented. In this case its only one 300GB LUN. I followed the documentation and was able to
      1. Discover the servers (2 blades)
      2. Register the storage (1x300GB LUN)
      3. Create the VM network (2 VLAN networks)
      4. Create the VNICs (4)
      5. Create the server pool

      However when I try to create the repository and select a physical disk, it does list any physical disks under the Fiber Channel storage. It should display the 300GB disk but that's missing. Has anyone seen the same issue before?