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    copy a value to the descendants of shared member in essbase


      I have a req. where we have grouped few upper level members such as "Top_Parents" and have shared members under them.

      B(Shared) I need to copy the values of A and B to their descendants. Any Suggestions....

      Thank You
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          I'm sorry, but as outlined this requirement doesn't make a lot of sense.

          When a member is shared, it is a level0 member.

          Now, if you're talking about copying the value of A to A1 and A2, that is a different story. I don't really suggest the idea of copying upper level values down to descendants as it can overwrite the value of the upper level member after aggregation (depending on the consolidation properties). I also don't recommend blowing a value for a rate down to members as it creates redundant data which can lead to an unnecessary bigger database. If you need to use it in a calculation at a lower level member simply reference the value in the calc using the cross dimensional operator ->.

          Of course, I might be way off base here as there wasn't much information to go on from your post.

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            Hi Robert, Thanks for the reply..

            What i meant to say was : We have a big Products heirarchy and for few of the upper level products we need to copy the value of the parent to their lev0 members.
            But we cannot hardcode these few products in our script as it will increase the maintainance. So sort this out we are left with two options 1) tag these members with UDA and use the script

            FIX (other dimensions , @LDESCENDANTS(@UDA("Sender_Parent",Products))



            But the client is not agreed to put UDA's in front of the members for maintainance issues in DRM.

            2) we kept all the sending Parent members under one node : Sending_parents and put all the sending parents under it as shared members, so as to get the list of parents in one go and then i tried applying

            FIX ( @LDESCENDANTS(@Relative("Sending_Parents",0))



            But this is not correct since i want the descendants of each members under Sending_Parents .. any ideas on this .. how to get the descendants for the base members of these shared members.. or any other idea to sort this out.. I hope ..i am clear now.. :)