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    Deploy OHW Application

      JDEV Version

      I have successfully run the OHW Demo. I would now like to deploy it to an OC4J instance on the Oracle Application Server.

      Is there any way to do this using JDeveloper? If not, does anyone have any step by step instructions for deploying the application to the application server. I realize JDev help has some instructions.... however I have been unable to get the deployment to work.

      NOTE: I do not have the ability to use the jar command from the command line. However, I am able to use Winzip to jar files.


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          Information about deploying an OHW application to OC4J can be found here:


          OHW is a standard J2EE application, and you deploy it as an EAR file to OC4J like any other application.
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            Same problem here. I'm using OAS 10g 10.1.2 and I created an OC4J instance and deployed the demostration EAR file to /help.

            However, when I try to use reach http://myserver/help I get a "You are not authorized to view this page.

            Presumably there is some problem with the principals.xml or jazn-data.xml configuration. Can anyone give me a hint as to how to authorize "everyone" to access this page?
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              its easy,
              1. rename downloaded .zip to .war
              2. open new Workspace (WS), name it "OHW" for example
              3. select WS and choose File / Import
              4. from popup choose WAR file
              5. Give some name to project (Project2 for example), and browse downloaded WAR file
              6. click Finish
              7. Run project, select some target
              8. when IE popup, edit URL to:
              http://<your IP>:<port>/<WS_Name>-<Project_Name>-context-root/help/

              on my machine URL looks like:

              enjoy :)
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                That sounds like the deployment to JDeveloper. I can do that. I want to deploy it to my application server (OAS 10g 10.1.2) so that the world can see it.
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                  JDeveloper can deploy to a separate AS instance, but using JDeveloper is not required.

                  How did you go about deploying the OHW instance into your AS? Did you use EM, DCM, or hand edit the OC4J files? What context root did you set up for your application?