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    MDS updating is required Re-start SOA server or not

      I am trying update "AIAConfigurationProperties.xml" file in AIA and versions MDS updated.
      I am running ant commands to update. After updating this file i can see my code from JDeveloper and in
      AIA home page--> Setup--> AIAConfiguration I am reloading all Invoking Service Names but my interface is not able to
      find this changes.
      I am getting System ID error. After restarting servers only this changes is reflecting to interfaces.
      I add my code to "AIAConfigurationProperties.xml" file in two locations
      1)     AIA_HOME\aia_instances\AIA_SFR\AIAMetaData\config\AIAConfigurationProperties.xml
      2)     AIA_HOME\AIAMetaData\config\AIAConfigurationProperties.xml

      Both locations required restarting servers.

      If i did same steps for Customized EBO updating without restarting servers EBOs reflating and working.

      For your reference i am following this below link.


      Can anyone help me in this.
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          Neeraj Sehgal
          Hi Jyos,

          You don't need to restart the servers after updating the AIAConfigurationProperties.xml. Also you're required to modify only the file at following location.

          Do not change the AIAConfigurationProperties.xml file in $AIA_HOME.

          Check if there're more than one occurrence of the same AIA Service Properties in the file. Try deleting everything custom from the file and update the MDS, now again reflect the custom content inside and update the MDS. See if this fixes the issue.

          Neeraj Sehgal