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    What is Exadata and where to find resources?

      Hi All,

      I would like to learn Exadata, so can anyone suggest me where to start..

      Abdul Mannan
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          The Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides an optimal solution for all database workloads, ranging from scan-intensive data warehouse applications to highly concurrent OLTP applications. With its combination of smart Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software, complete and intelligent Oracle Database software, and the latest industry standard hardware components from Sun, the Database Machine delivers extreme performance in a highly-available, highly-secure environment. With Oracle's unique clustering and workload management capabilities, the Database Machine is also well-suited for consolidating multiple databases onto a single grid. Delivered as a complete pre-optimized and pre-configured package of software, servers, and storage, the Sun Oracle Database Machine is simple and fast to implement and ready to tackle your large-scale business applications.

          Please start reading to Oracle Resources

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            The book Expert Oracle Exadata from Tanel Poder it´s a very good start.

            Helio Dias
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              Andy Klock
              Helio Dias wrote:
              The book Expert Oracle Exadata from Tanel Poder it´s a very good start.
              and Kerry Osborne, Randy Johnson, and colorfully annotated by Kevin Closson...

              I would even say it is the best start, provided you have a solid understanding of this:


              and this:


              and own and have read this:


              Good luck.
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                Tanel Poder
                Yep as Andy already commented, I was only one of the 3 co-authors of that book - Kerry Osborne, Randy Johnson and me.

                Also there are quite a few good blogs out there, where you can learn new Exadata-related stuff from the field - Andy Colvin has summarized some of the key people here:


                Note that the first global Exadata conference is going to take place (in Dallas) on 13-14 August too and most of the big names of the Exadata world are going to be there - see http://extremeexadata.com

                Tanel Poder
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                  tim fox - Enkitec
                  Abdul, this is Tim Fox from Enkitec. I work with Kerry and Tanel (along with all the other smart guys at Enkitec) and we have built two training curriculums for Exadata. In short, one of the classes is for Database Developers and the other is for Database and System Administrators. You can see the full abstracts on our website at http://www.enkitec.com/education/exadata-training. Our classes are delivered using our own Exadata X2 Quarter Rack and we've received very positive feedback from our students (check out Linked In Exadata group).

                  Feel free to drop me a line if you are interested in training or help on Exadata.


                  Tim Fox