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    Live Migration Failed After Yum Update on 2.2.2


      I've live migrated vm's from node2 to node1 (master server). Put node2 into maintenance mode, then reconfigure ntp.conf to sync with our new ntp server. While in maintenance mode, I've also ran yum update which updated the kernel from 2.6.18- to 2.6.18- In the process, xen was also updated from 3.4.0-0.1.32.el5 to 3.4.0-0.1.39.el5.

      After rebooting, I've put node2 back into active mode. But now I can't live migrate the vm's back into node 2. From node1, ovs_operations.log:

      "2012-06-23 11:03:28" INFO=> migrate_vm: vm('/OVS/running_pool/1210_vm05') start...
      "2012-06-23 11:03:29" INFO=> xen_migrate_vm: migrate with ssl enabled failed, do failover(no ssl). vm('/var/ovs/mount/54DA5753709A48B3BFAEE65C2EAECCE0/running_pool/1210_vm05') -> tgt_srv('node2')
      "2012-06-23 11:03:30" ERROR=> xen_migrate_vm: failed. vm('/var/ovs/mount/54DA5753709A48B3BFAEE65C2EAECCE0/running_pool/1210_vm05') -> tgt_srv('node2') =><Exception: xen_migrate_vm: migrate without ssl failed either.>

      From node2 ovs_operations.log:

      "2012-06-23 11:03:30" INFO=> ha_join_dlm_domain: =>success
      "2012-06-23 11:03:30" ERROR=> ha_set_dlm_lock:failed. lock('6f1cb211-ecef-4ac6-af2b-091fc6fd5966') name('1210_vm05')=> <Exception: create lock('/dlm/ovm/f1cb211ecef4ac6af2b091fc6fd5966') failed. <OSError: [Errno 26] Text file busy: '/dlm/ovm/f1cb211ecef4ac6af2b091fc6fd5966'>

      Is this due to the different xen versions after the update? How can I live migrate the vm's back to node2 so that I can take node1 into maintenance mode to reconfigure ntp.conf and run yum update?