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    Exadata machine


      Does any one know any other company like HP ,IBM has similar machine to Exadata ?

      Any good documentation link for Exadata machine.

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            Does any one know any other company like HP ,IBM has similar machine to Exadata ?
            You can try a search on the web for appliance and netezza or teradata.
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              IBM- Netezza
              Teradata - Teradata
              EMC - GreenPlum.

              these are all database appliances and support ANSI sql.Each has its own strengths though they are all advertised as playing in the datawarehousing space.
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                Vishal Gupta

                For Exadata documentation, please refer to my blog http://blog.vishalgupta.com/2011/10/15/oracle-exadata-documentation/. It gives in detail how to get the Oracle exadata documentation. Please ensure that you have the Exadata license before following the steps in the blog. Unfortunately Oracle does not publicly publish the exadata documentation, and is only available for existing exadata customers.

                For white paper and other data sheets please refer to this link on oracle website. http://www.oracle.com/us/products/database/exadata-database-machine/overview/index.html

                Vishal Gupta
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                  Simply put ... no. And no other company ever will for the simple reason that what makes Exadata powerful is software not hardware.

                  Anyone can buy or build the same hardware used in the Exadata. What they can not do is gain access to the Oracle's storage indexing, hybrid columnar compression, and other technologies.

                  The vast majority of good Exadata docs are restricted but the Oracle sales team can get you what you need to understand the value.
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                    You might have added: "... and each has its own weaknesses."

                    One of the most obvious being the incredible cost of porting application code to them. I recently looked into moving an application from Oracle to Teradata ... the cost of the software changes (including design, coding, and end-to-end testing) was 300% greater than the cost of the hardware.
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                      If you are thinking about a very low cost solution, you could stick with Oracle, and try timesTen (If it is OLAP or small database)
                      Or even try Oracle 11g with FLASH.

                      Can you tell use what is the version of your database, and what is the issue that you are dealing with?

                      If your version is 10g or bellow, Oracle 11g might improve a lot of performance with it´s new resources for instance reference partition (it may allow you to partition sub tables that didn´t had a match before).

                      Helio Dias
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                        Very True but then that's why you have ISVs to help with code porting.

                        There is no doubt that one of the biggest strengths of Exadata is it's ability to run the standard oracle database which also implies all packaged products that are certified on 11g R2 .
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                          Also in reply to the original poster you can look into the oracle database appliance which is like a two node RAC in a box... http://www.oracle.com/us/products/database/database-appliance/overview/index.html