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    Skipping nodes where data does not exist

      Is there a way to 'boycot' or a way to 'suppress write' if a node does not contain any children in an XML file?

      I've created my RTF template with the 'for-each' populating all the necessary fields, but there are some sections that don't contain data and are consequently producing blank rows in my table. For instance:


      <Contract_Name_and_number_ID54>123456 Joint Venture - Development Rec</Contract_Name_and_number_ID54>

      I currently have the following 'for-each' loops setup in the table within my RTF template:

      *<?end for-each?>*
      +<?end for-each?>+

      I want to be able to skip over the nodes that don't have any data under *<Print_Sections_S4>*. Is there some simple method that I've overlooked?

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