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    rman 10g to 11g?

      Can one duplicate a instance on AIX (6.1-03) to a instance on AIX (6.1-04) using RMAN. I don't the copy to be consistent,
      just want to test some stuff in 11g...
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          found a note in metalink, but is for 9i to 10g.. Not sure about 10g to 11g..
          anyone try it?

          ID 369644.1

          1) Can I restore or duplicate my previous version database using a later version of Oracle?

          For example, is it possible to restore a 9i backup while using the 10g executables?

          It is possible to use the 10.2 RMAN executable to restore a 9.2 database even if the restored datafiles will be stored in ASM. RMAN is configured so that a higher release is able to restore a lower release, but it is strongly suggested you use only the same version. In this scenario for a restore (not RMAN duplicate) you will be using the restored 9.2 database against 10.2 binaries. If you intend to run the restored 9.2 database against the 10.2 binary files you need to run the upgrade steps to make the restored 9.2 database a 10.2 database, but understand that the pre-upgrade checklist which you may have submitted against the source 9.2 database does NOT apply to this restored 9.2 database.

          Once the restore / recovery is completed you will need to open the database with a combination of the resetlogs option and the upgrade option. For example:
          SQL> alter database open resetlogs upgrade;

          After the database is opened in this fashion run the upgrade steps for the higher version. If you have any problems with any part of this process please open a service request. If you are restoring using backups created by an earlier release, some time after you have upgraded the database, then media recovery will re-play the changes that were made during the upgrade, and you do not need to run the upgrade scripts again.

          Because RMAN "duplicate" attempts to automatically open the database you may not use it for this case.
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            Hemant K Chitale
            Yes, you can restore a 10g RMAN backup into 11gR2

            See the documentation on compatibility :


            Hemant K Chitale
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              Thanks for the info. I understand 10g RMAN backup can be used in 11g, but after the full backup restore of the DB running in 11g, do we have to upgrade the database once again ? Please advice.
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                kuljeet singh -
                we can restore 10g database into 11g software home as we recently did same activity for upgrade.
                Please note database need to open like alter database open resetlogs upgrade; after recovery.

                yes,after restoration ,we've to upgrade this database into 11g by catupgrd.sql script.
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                  Yes u can duplicate 10g RMAN backup to 11g . But remember below points

                  1. db_name & undo parameter should be same in init.ora
                  2. RMAN DUPLICATE wont work in this case as RMAN version will be different
                  3. Open the database with resetlogs and run catupgrd.sql

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                    Talip Hakan Ozturk
                    Please follow the following steps


                    Talip Hakan Ozturk
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                      Check the below link. It worked for me.