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    AIA Agile PLM PIP

      When I am creating the JMS destination queue configuration on the Agile side the Connection Factories.
      It throws an error saying " The remote server returns following error saying" jms/QueueConnectionFactory" not found.
      Should be create the connection factory on the Agile side?
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          Hi Team,

          I am working on Agile EBS Integration.after installation of AIA2.5 on OAS and Database Oracle

          In Agile 9.3.1 Java Client,I am facing same issue while connecting through ACS.

          Please find the details :

          Protocal : JMS
          Provider Context Factory : com.evermind.server.rmi.RMIInitialContextFactory
          Connection Factory : java:comp/resource/EcoRP/QueueConnectionFactories/QCF
          Default Provider URl : opmn:ormi://AIAHOST:23791:oc4j_soa
          Destination Name : java:comp/resource/EcoRP/Queues/PLM_ECO_QUEUE

          Error : The Remote Server resturns the following error message "java:comp/resource/EcoRP/QueueConnectionFactories/QCF".

          In my observation this queue details not avaialble in Agile OAS JMS side.

          Is this queue and connection factory needs to be created before applying the ACS Test.

          Can you please help me on debugging the issue.