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      Please help me Differentiate Soft and Hard PONR...

      I want to know the difference between COM and SOM order...
      and the relation between one COM order and a billing account...

      thanks in advance...
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          OSM while processing the order reaches Soft PONR, revisions are not accepted for normal customers from the point except for privileged customers(Gold, Platinum customers). Hard PONR: beyond this point, OSM will not accept anymore revisions on that particular order.

          COM & SOM order difference you can refer to Brian's response in your previous post.

          COM Order is generally referred to a SalesOrder. In that SalesOrder, Billing Account information is included and sent to OSM. Billing Account is generally referred to CRM/BRM Terminology which basically refers to the user who is actually going to pay the bill for the services he ordered.

          Naveen Jabade

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            That means,there will be no revisions on an order,once soft ponr s reached for a preveleged customer and for no one after hard ponr...

            But I want clarity on,what task has to happen,so, i can say Soft PONR is reached ...and similarly what tasks need to be completed for a hard ponr state to be reached...

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              Once, you identify the order reached PONR, you have to define your own workflow.

              Naveen Jabade
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                Daniel Ho-Oracle
                Hi Raj,

                Please take a look at OSM 7.2's Concept Guide (look for Point of No Return section), as part of product documentation.

                Note that while PoNR use cases have always been supported by OSM, OSM 7.2 has enhanced support by productizing PoNR definition and rules, the latter of which is based on Fulfillment States that are responding back from downstream system.

                Daniel Ho
                Product Management -- OSM